Broadway Lodge

Broadway Lodge was established in 1974 and is a non-profit making organisation and registered charity providing residential addiction treatment, counselling and support services. Now one of the leading treatment centres in the UK.

In our view, Addiction is a disease, a brain disorder and not a lifestyle choice which can have a negative impact on the addict's physical, psychological and emotional health. Addiction occurs when an individual has a strong or harmful need to take a substance or undertake an activity.

In our experience the psychological part of addiction is a form of self medication which can sometimes be linked to an underlying traumatic experience, emotional stress or mental health disorder. This can lead to out of character, risky, harmful and criminal behaviours where the individual becomes selfish in their pursuit of the addictive substance or activity.

Although addiction is a chronic, relapsing condition, it can be treated successfully and through our 40 years of treating addicts, we know that long term recovery is achievable.

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Detox?: Yes - Detox
12 Step: Yes - We do cover 12 Step Programme
Gender mixed: Yes - Mixed
Aftercare: Yes - Aftercare

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Broadway Lodge
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